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Welcome to the icon journal of paper_chains or Kat, if you prefer.
- CREDIT in keywords with abcdefghicons.
- COMMENT if taking any. I like to know that people appreciate me making these for them and I'd like to know where they're being displayed. That, and I enjoy comments.
- NO DIRECT LINKING/HOT LINKING! This is to save bandwidth. Please do not hotlink headers or icons because that is a big no-no (even for nominations).
- DO NOT EDIT. Textless icons do not mean they are bases! Do not alter my icons without my permission. If you would like a change in the icon (i.e.: no text, different colouring) just let me know and I'll see what I can do for you.
- REQUESTS can only be made in specific posts that ask for them. Other than that, I will be taking no request.
- SHARE THE COMMUNITY. Let others know about this little icon community. =]

Questions and suggestions can be made in this post.

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