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020. multi-fandom

Man. Haven't posted in awhile but these icons have been sitting on my computer for awhile now. I just haven't gotten around to uploading them. haha. Lots of experimenting in this batch.

Doctor Who (s3) - 25
Michael Cera & Ellen Page - 3
Juno - 11


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019. nta icons

Those pictures and the video of the acceptance speech makes me just want to ship these two and writes ton of fic for them. Gah. These icons did not help.
Why must David and Freema be so darn pretty together?!

David Tennant & Freema Agyeman at NTA - 18


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018. doctor who ; a ten/martha ep

Alright, this is my first fanmix for the Doctor Who universe and I'm quite proud of it. Of course, it's Ten/Martha because I absolutely love them so. The EP is sort of angsty and could possibly contain spoilers for Last of the Time Lords, so there's a fair warning.

Anyways, enjoy!

a ten/martha ep

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017. multi-fandom

Doctor Who (Smith & Jones) - 15
The Office (Jim/Pam) - 17


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016. pushing daisies

Can you say, "Best new show EVA?" haha.

Pushing Daisies (Dummy) - 15


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015. pushing daisies

I've fallen in love with the show and it hasn't even (officially) premiered yet!

Pushing Daisies (pilot) - 33


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014. mod post

I will now by posting from onecellinthesea. Just letting y'all know!


012. twilight ; a jacob/bella fanmix

Twilight Fanmix: Jacob/Bella - 1

Whoa. I put this together fast. haha. I actually love this coverart WAY more than my Edward/Bella mix (much thanks to _sinelinea for the textures) and I think that this mix turned out pretty darn good. It centers on the relationship that Jacob and Bella share during New Moon (I haven't read Eclipse yet. Sue me Finished it!). I am now a pretty strong Jacob/Bella shipper but I still love Edward =] I used Steven Strait and Ellen Page to portray these characters and I think they suit them well. So enjoy!

Note: Some songs are in .m4a format. Just letting you know.

the trouble with falling in love
(with your best friend)

a jacob/bella fanmix

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011. twilight ; an edward/bella fanmix

Twilight Fanmix: Edward/Bella - 1

Alright. I just got into the Twilight fandom recently (and when I say recently, I mean like last week) and I just finished New Moon last night. So, after reading and listening to tons of music on my iPod afterward, I bring you this Edward/Bella fanmix. It takes place during the span of New Moon and many of the songs I choose seem fitting for the pair in the book. I plan on making a Jacob/Bella mix later because that pairing was just so...angsty that I can't help but make a mix. Anyways, enjoy!

the memories will fade
an edward/bella fanmix

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